• Selina Ferrais

The Mighty Muffuletta Sandwich

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

The muffuletta is an Italian sandwich that originated among the Italian immigrants of New Orleans.

This is a mighty, hefty sandwich that has three very important components, bread, a tangy olive salad and Italian charcuterie – such as delicious, imported salami, pastrami, mortadella and pancetta. Flavourful cheese is also sometimes added. Variations such as seafood (think glorious tuna nicoise) and smokey charred roasted vegetables can sometimes replace the meats and are our favourite combos!

Here at Dopamine we change up our fillings regularly, but the one constant, is that after the careful layering of the fresh fillings, the muffuletta is then pressed and left to marinate in its own glorious olive oil and juices. The next day, when ready to eat, the mighty sandwich is then usually enjoyed cold, but oven warming is also yummy!

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