How Dopamine Began

A graphic designer and photographer (with a previous life as a cafe and restaurant owner), Selina has always loved food, coffee, plants, art, music, and sun! For her, these things bring joy. During COVID 2020 she saw so many of those around her lose their mojo and struggle with the chaos apparent.  Life was already hectic and only gaining momentum... Compounding this, was the fast decline and ill health of her mother, Laura.  At only 64, Laura was soon to be up-against a health battle for her life.  This was the final boot-in-the-bum from the universe she needed to understand she had to bring her light into the world through something bigger than her current life-gig – as life is just too darn short.   

Dopamine - Espresso Bar was borne, at first as a far off in the distant future idea.... slowly it began to grow and evolve, almost gaining a life of its own in Selina's mind.  But one thing was certain, it had to be a space that brought joy, created joy, and nourished joy. 


So everything at Dopamine is designed to give our people (suppliers, producers, wholesalers, creatives, staff and of course you!), the feel-good-factor.  From the open, light filled, plant abundant space and the ethical, sustainable, Fair-trade and exceptional tasting Single O coffee roasters.....the artisan (and although not a large menu, we like a touch of luxury!) food offerings, our specially selected Dopamine playlist and the joyful pretty things in our food, home decor gifting space...... we are your official Dopamine Dealers! :)

We truly believe that if you tell yourself you’re going to do something and you seek that out in the world, it will happen. Dopamine is testimony to this belief!  We empower our team not as cafe staff but as contributors to the mission of bringing joy to the world!

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